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I set up an account with Awekas, however I'm not sure which server option to choose below for my GW1000 upload custom server.

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Probably WView?


--- Quote from: casacota on June 18, 2020, 07:40:52 PM ---Probably WView?

--- End quote ---

I tried wview but it requires a data file. I have my GW1000 set up properly thanks to Galfert's instructions on here. But I'm just not sure which one of these to choose.

I ended up using manual input. Seems to work ok. Had a problem getting my units to show American, but they finally did.

So far it seems to update every 60 seconds, which is pretty cool.

Manual would be the correct choice in your case I think or try Froggit Fastlink.

WView does not mean WS View as WView is an open source software program and WS View is an Android app and they come from different places. Totally different things.

You can't upload to AWEKAS every 60 seconds unless you sign up for their Fasklink subscription service. If you want to upload for free then 5 minutes is the most frequent upload. Unless they changed that within the last year since I last visited this issue.  Some people are turned off by AWEKAS when they incorrectly assume that it is a paid service. It is free if you stick to their free plan. Some people inadvertently sign up for the paid service when configuring their account.


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