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AWEKAS Upload Issue

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Started seeing this upload issue for AWEKAS today around 1315 hrs CST.  Can anyone else verify whether or not you're having an upload issue too?

Feb 29 13:10:17 COMPUTER weewx[1118]: restx: AWEKAS: Published record 2020-02-29 13:10:00 CST (1583003400)
Feb 29 13:18:32 COMPUTER weewx[1118]: restx: AWEKAS: Failed to publish record 2020-02-29 13:15:00 CST (1583003700): Failed upload after 3 tries

Iím seeing the same issue with my meteobridge

Seems to be down for the entire western portion of the United States. No uploads since around 11:15am Pacific time.

Seems OK from Maine, using Cumulus 1.9.4

I'm having upload issues to Awekas as well - stopped last evening... :?:


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