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AWEKAS - Great for neighbor data comparison but not popular in US

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Strange that AWEKAS is not more popular in the US. I find the neighbor comparison graphs interesting. Sure the site likes to default to metric but you can click the American Units link and switch in an instant.

I read some posts that people got grumpy with the service and having sensors locked by the service. But perhaps the data disparity has to do with the low adoption in the US and neighbors that are too far and/or too few.

Well I just want to say that I like those comparison graphs. Too bad I can't choose exactly whom to compare to and whom not. It would be nice to have some nearby neighbor selection check boxes and then be able to hit the compare button thereby making a selective comparison.

You can plot neighbors selectively using the Gladstone CWOP tools. It looks like your station FW3708 isn't showing up on Gladstone yet; have you completed the CWOP signup?

Once fully registered you can go to your Gladstone page:

Click on any of the graphs to switch to qcharts mode, then scroll to the bottom of the page. Your neighbor stations will display with checkboxes next to them. Select the neighbors and press "Add to charts" and their data will display next to yours on all the charts on the page.

Yes I only got on CWOP last week, and I've submitted to be registered and waiting on that to finalize. Thank you for the tip on selectively comparing to neighbors.

In case anyone is reading this and learning about comparing to other CWOP stations I have another tip to compare yet more stations than the ones that are shown near you.

After you pull up your qchart page to compare to other stations listed below you can edit the address bar and add stations not listed.
Just append this to the end of the URL: 
&addnl=CXXXX    or DXXXX or EXXXX or FXXXX or an APRS Ham station or an airport METAR (make sure to use is case sensitive)

you can continue to do that for 2 or 3 or 4 stations. I don't know the limit of the graph. It worked for me for a handful of stations. I even added an airport METAR that was not listed near me but was still relatively close.

My nearby list had a lot of very near stations and I want to compare to one that just almost could have made the list if there had been fewer stations around me. This trick helped me compare to a station 9 miles away that looked good to me and I was curious to compare against. Everything in my default list was relatively close at 8 miles or less.

I used to send my data to AWEKAS, but I stopped when they wanted to charge me in order to use my own data. I don't think so...
It has been well over a year since I stopped sending my data.

Greg H.


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