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Rainwise 111 easy calibrate without calibrator

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Jim's Weather:
It's doing that because there's no water repellency on the spoons. There are products out there that are plastic safe that you can apply that will help to roll the water off the spoon.

Never noticed that amount of water staying in tipper and not able to get repeats. Issue would be the same with calibrator or even rainfall meaning gauge is crap with no repeatability if that was the case. 
I always wet the tippers before starting flip them back and forth a few times so you want a normal amount of water clinging to tipper.
I use a 10ml medicine syringe has larger opening not dropper I corrected the term dropper in top post.

I have 3 rainwise gauges and 1 Texas electronics in service at 3 different locations and all calibrate well with good repeatability.
It does take a little practice with dropper however if you push a large amount of water and tip early just do it again.
I go really slow as I get close to tipping somewhere around 6ml mark its one drop at a time toward back of tipper of course you don't want to frontload it and cause early tip that's just common sense. 

Takes about 1 minutes from that point slowing way down and finally tipping, sometimes you wonder is it going to tip.  That's where a little practice comes in.
Maybe this is harder than I thought, because I've been doing it so long it's just second nature and forgot there is a technique to it.

Sorry for bumping this, this method is fantastic, but I was just wondering for the RW 111 how many ml per tip this would equate to if using the metric system. So, if you're using 8ml per tip (0.01" or 0.25mm), how many ml should I be aiming for if each tip was 0.2mm?


edit: After much testing it appears that about 6ml / tip is the sweet spot. \:D/


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