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Taylor Weatherscope 3108C wiring

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I have been searching for this wiring diagram for the past 2 years as I moved into a house and have been determined to get this working.  If I'm reading this correctly, the lineup from top to bottom is:

1 - Copper
2 - Tin
3 - Copper
4 - Copper
5 - Tin

Now of course we have zero wind as I'm trying to test this out... but that is extremely rare in these parts.  Many thanks for posting these images, I didn't realize I couldn't see them until I was registered and logged in.  =D&gt;

Considering the age of these units, there is a great possibility of a broken wire in the 5 conductor (rotator type ) cable, or even a bad coil up in the unit.

PLEASE, my curiosity is killing me so let us know how things turn out. I assume the sensor is not easily accessable where someone can spin it and rotate the direction vane.

My fumbling around on the roof in the dark would not surprise my neighbors or my wife... but I think I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to do some testing. 

I'll absolutely keep you posted and attach some pics if I have success or failure.

Happy to report I appear to have wind speed, but the direction is still flakey... we have a big storm coming in the next 24 to 48... so much tweaking and testing to do.  Keep you posted.


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