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I got an email (in German, which I don't understand) that says I need to pay for a subscription.

Here is the Google translation:

--- Quote ---Dear Stationsweb customer!


We would like to inform you with this mail that your AWEKAS Stationsweb annual subscription expires on 10.1.2017.

We hope that you are satisfied with your Stationsweb and that we could meet all your expectations.

On this occasion, we would like to remind you that your Stationsweb annual subscription is not automatically renewed. If you want to continue using the AWEKAS Stationsweb, you can now extend your subscription. The extension is then automatically made after your current expiration date.

NEW: AWEKAS Stationsweb is now also available as a 2- and 3-year subscription. If you purchase 2 years, you get 10%, with 3 years 20% discount. Simply choose the amount of years you want to book the AWEKA Stationsweb in the shop and take advantage of the discount! Here you can go directly to the shop:


As a small thank you and Christmas present, we will offer you three weeks free of charge for each order until 31.12.2016!


Best regards,

Daniela Gattringer - Sales
Automatic Weathering System
--- End quote ---

OK, I send them my data and they expect me to pay them? I don't think so. I don't remember paying for this previously, especially to the tune of 35 to 50 Euros...

I think I will remove AWEKAS from my website and stop uploading...

Greg H.

That's new as it use to be free. They really have gotten to point they are going to lose  US  data. I quit sending after one of their bright boys  kept saying my data was bad. Guess he knew more about my area I did.


Ridiculous..... Im so glad I abandoned that network year ago because they pissed me off with a different thing

What is this then?!

Does that mean they expect you to pay annual fee and if you feel like it is too cheap you can send them something extra?!

This is a joke:

Look at it... it is very basic, which is ok, but paying for this? And funniest thing is that if you scroll right to the bottom, they didnt even design this, it is all based on a free template from CSS3templates.... like 5 minutes of work to do this...

Well, they stopped access to "Stationsweb" and replaced it with an "activation" screen. I promptly removed the link from my flyout menu and removed AWEKAS from my MB Pro uploads. I will not send them any more data.

Greg H.


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