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We have removed support for AWEKAS. We no longer send our weather data from our station to their website due to them being rude on several occasions about our weather station telling us the data is not accurate. So dont waste you time joining

same here, done earlier.

Just curious.... why exactly did they tell you it was inaccurate? Or rather, what made them think it was inaccurate? Was it because there are some inaccurate stations nearby?

I have been sending to AWEKAS for nearly 6 years and the only communication I have had was what seems like an automated email reminder whenever my station was not providing data.  This is usually due to computer temporarily down.

--- Quote ---Dear AWEKAS member

Your station Komoka, ON has not sent any data to AWEKAS Weather Network since 16.04.2016 13:50local time.
Please check if there is a problem with the transmission, software or your weather station.

You can confirm the interruption with this link:
otherwise you will be informed in 24 hours if the problem is not solved.

The complete information function can be disabled on your AWEKASS user profile.
This is an automatically generated notification from AWEKAS Weather Network. Please do not answer to this mail.

Best Regards
AWEKAS Weather Network -

trackid:6890 - Komoka, ON - 16.04.2016 15:50:01

--- End quote ---

Not had any rude experience at all.


Told us that the Temperature was wrong.Not the same as the stations a round us one of which is 25 miles away. When asked what can we do sent this back

How would you know you know you had no problems though? Just because I
checked when you joined AWEKAS
I'm an Admin in the UK and actively check all stations and also use lots of other data
I've just Googled you weather station and see its exactly the same as weather
stations under different brand names and is just a gimmick.

Advice. Get interested in weather and upgrade to a real Weather Station ASAP!
Steve - Associate Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.


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