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Is there an *easy to use* spreadsheet/software to calc evapotranspiration?

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I'd like to do some "what-if's" to get a feel for the sensitivity of the different parameters.

Preferably, the spreadsheet/software would take the input parameters in the same format as is typically displayed on US weather stations (i.e. not in metric).

Everything you ever wanted to know about ET.  And a handly little program to calculate it.  Now the Holy Wars can begin as to whether Penmann-Monteith is the best model or not.  ;)

Unfortunately, it's a DOS program, and also doesn't seem to like running on a 64 bit machine.  It failed to install under Windows 7.  Then, my first attempt at getting it to work in a Microsoft virtual machine (for backward compatibility) failed.  Before I potentially waste a lot of time fussing with it trying to get it to run, any other suggestions?

Cutty Sark Sailor:
I just use CoCoRaHS  :lol:
This'll be third year. Beautiful.



--- Quote from: Cutty Sark Sailor on April 06, 2014, 12:37:42 PM ---I just use CoCoRaHS  :lol:
This'll be third year. Beautiful.


--- End quote ---

I gather you're using the type you need to read and refill manually, rather than a more automated one?  At a 12 inch water depth, it looks like the manual version could last 3-4 weeks between refills during the hottest months here, and presumably longer than that during other months.  Can it be operated that way?


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