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Spreadsheet programs available?

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If you Google Excel weather spreadsheets you will find all sorts of them.  The problem is that each is very specific in terms of inputs/outputs.  Part of the beauty of Excel.

Thanks, what I am trying to do is take data that uploaded to wunderground using a ambient weather ws-1000 wifi into a weather program such as cumulus, weather display etc as an imported data file. I don't know if this is possible or not so I am looking into spreadsheets as well. I want to compile daily, monthly data etc and use it as historical data. I am hoping to go back with Davis but I am waiting to see if they have a newer VP unit in the future. I have a WM II running but no data logger, all data is done by hand twice a day into a daily weather log, as I have been doing for the last twenty one years. Someday I will get back to the 21st century!


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