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Are there any pre defined spreadsheet style programs available that would import cvs values. I am looking for a program that has all the formulas done for max/min, graphs, monthly highs and lows, etc.

The VWS data files are in .csv format.  I have been grabbing them for some time and dumping them into a PowerPivot table.


Are any excel templates available anywhere, I don't want to design a spreadsheet from scratch. I am more interested in importing cvs data into a spreadsheet that is already formatted to give me averages, highs/ lows etc.

I am not aware of any..... Although I am sure some folks here have designed some nice stuff.  Maybe somebody will share.  I am importing the dbase.csv file periodically into a rolling Excel PowerPivot table.  Mine is all home grown and has a very crude user interface.... because I am the only one using it.... and I am pretty crude... #-o  I use it for ad hoc queries.


Weather Display also makes a CVS file. Mostly for data backups in case of a computer problem.

Don't have Excel on my computer so I can't help you there. I do know Google Drive has something like that but I can't remember the name of the program.


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