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I recently purchased a Davis Vantage Vue, which I am very happy with, but the DavisLink software is somewhat underwhelming so I am looking for something better.

I run my own WEB server and Mail server from my iMac at home which runs 24x7 on a UPS but everyone in the family uses the same server, as a result of which I am often logged off.

So what I need is some software that can update my weather web site without the need for me to be logged on, the web site by the way is just another directory on the server

I have had responses from both Weather Snoop and Weather Station who inform me that their software doesn't but am hopeful that someone has found something.

Failing that which software works most reliably when running in the background, I have fast user switching enabled so could use that, but the Davis WeatherLink software normally crashes when I do that.


Assuming you're running OS X, you should have no problem running processes in the background.

I guess I'm confused as to why you are worried about getting logged off.  It shouldn't matter.  Or are they physically turning the machine off?

Hi Mike, and welcome to the WXForum,

Similar questions have come up over on the WeatherCat forum, although related to personal Macs, and not servers. According to the developer, the Mac OS is the cupric, not the weather application. If an individual is not logged in, a process can not happen in the background. The case I remember was a shared family computer where the husband, wife , and kid(s) each had their own login and used fast-switching to change accounts. The account that WeatherCat was running on had to be the logged in account to receive data from the weather station and send data to a web site.

Now, I don't know if this applies to a server account that is not logged in, but I would suspect it is the case. Pop over to the WeatherCat forum and ask WCDev, as he's active daily (although in the UK, so timing may be delayed a bit.)


I know nothing of how WeatherCat is built, but running processes in the background is pretty standard fare under Unix-like systems such as OS X.  I've never heard of anyone ever saying OS X was hobbled in some way that it always required a user to be logged in, so I've got to think the problem is more one of program architecture.

There's also no architectural difference between normal OSX and the "server" version, other than some software tools.  I'm not sure a "server" version is even still sold.

I just searched the WeatherCat forum for my example, and couldn't find anything. I *did* find where a user wanted WeatherCat to run from a fresh boot where no user was logged in. Stu (WCDev) said WeatherCat stores all its files in the User's home directory, so a user has to be logged in for it to work. So maybe I'm mis-remembering.



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