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MeteoBridge Replacement (Software)


I have a MeteoBridge currently.  It works OK but i'm getting some one off crazy window directions on WUnderground whcih I report to.  I have it set to update every 5 minutes.  I am using an Acurite 5in1.  I beleive it updates wind speed/direction to the base station about every 15 seconds or so?  So I'm guessing MeteoBridge just sends what ever the last direction was when it is ready to send.  That isn't working obviously because I have directions all over, most though are in the right direction (just the one offs).  It looks ugly on the charge. 

What I'm looking for is a software replacement that can still upload every 5 minutes but perhaps track the average wind direction within those 5 minutes.  I'm guessing that would produce much more accurate wind directions.  It doesn't look like MeteoBridge does this so i'm looking for a software solution!  Does anyone have any suggestions? 


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