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This is the software I currently use with my personal weather station

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I'm curious as to what software the member's here use with their personal weather stations to view the data and analyze trends.  If I've left something off please let me know and I'll update the poll.  You can vote for as many as you currently use.  This is not meant to judge any one program against another, but just a way to see what programs are used by the members of this forum.

I use WL 5.7.1 with my 'still going' WMII.....VWS with my primary 6152, and Cumulus with my secondary 6152. Also using VVP with VWS so I can DL the first 6152 to WL 6.0.3( to keep backup records).

I also use VP Live   

WD here. About 5 years now. Very happy with the software and the support. Worth every penny.


Another WD user here.


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