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Jim's Wx Sta:
CWOP site shows no report from me (CW1500) for over 13 hours...yet my upload log shows successful uploads to CWOP.  I'm using the latest default address and have made no changes recently.  Any ideas on what the problem may be?

Thanks, Jim

George Richardson:

I too had a problem w/ CWOP last week. Not as severe as yours but it also occured @ 2400 GMT. Cleared up next day. No suggestion just saying they may be experiencing difficulty.

Good Luck,


I had the same problem yesterday with my CWOP data. I see an 8-hour gap on 10/03 from around 0800 to 1600 UTC but VWS has been up and running without any errors during the entire period.

Jim's Wx Sta:
OK, thanks.  If it continues, when I get home this evening, I'll send a note to Russ.


Jim's Wx Sta:
Looks like reports updating ok now for past 8 hrs.'s a discussion of problem...Jim

>       I upload data every 30 data log shows upload ok.  Only 5 data
> streams showing received on CWOP site last 24 hours.
> I'm using defaulted address ( and have made no changes
> recently.  This problem seems to have started yesterday afternoon.  Is there
> a problem with receiving data but not processing?
> Thanks, Jim  CW1500

> Don't change anything as there have been some server interruptions lately.
> In fact, keep things going as this may be a good test case for the rotate
> concept.
> Dick, Phil,> Is the address working properly?   The only packets that
> Jim has gotten through to findU in the past 24 hours are through socal.
> This morning at home, all I was receiving from was the keep
> alive message, but no weather data packets.  I had to manually change to
> to start receiving weather data packets again.
> Russ   KB0TVJ

Last heard 9 hours 11 minutes 48 seconds ago.
Last Packet:
CW1500>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,T2WXCWOP2: @050801z3906.02N/07810.82W_078/000g004t064P010h93b10175.Dvs

Jims data hasn't gone out for over 9 hours. Keep in mind that rotatewx
simply selects a server from a possible 4. Once rotatewx selects a server
it has no way to guarantee the server is actually there. If the server goes
away or Jim temporarily loses his connection his program doesn't have
a way to roll-over to another server. Rotatewx doesn't do anything in
regard to auto roll-overs. That's because the different types of WX software
are unable to confirm an actual connect has taken place or disappeared.

This has been a confusing issue since we added rotatewx. The only thing
it does is select 1 server from a list of 4. That's all the rotation it does. With
each new connection another server is selected. It is random, and could
end up being the same server. Rotatewx doesn't know if a server is really
there. It assumes all 4 are working.

In a perfect world, software would have a primary server to use. If it is lost
on port 23 it would roll-over to a secondary server that has been specified
within that software package by the user.


We have gone over this before... AFilter isn't smart enough to determine
anything except that it is connected somewhere. If data stops flowing and
all you see is the 'keepalive' messages, Afilter doesn't know what to do. It
thinks everything is normal because it is telling itself it's connected. It doesn't
care if wx data stops and 'keepalive' messages are being received, it's all
the same to AFilter. Unless the connection actually breaks, it isn't going to
do anything.... but just sit there.

Why AFilter is not sticking or continuing to receive filter data is a mystery.
BTW, so far AFilter is the only program that does it. It's almost like it's
sent a new filter definition to send nothing. The servers are responding by
sending what they are told to send. Bill Diaz could be very savvy to what
you are seeing. Looks like AFilter might be attempting to send another
filter definition in mid-stream. The server sees it... and it's wrong... resulting
in a bad filter comment...

Each server can update a proper filter change in mid-stream... if it understands
a simple message. TO: SERVER   MSG TEXT: filter t/nw p/CW
At that point the SERVER will send an OK confirmation message that the filter
has been changed. If not, it won't send anything but a 'keepalive' comment.

That's a problem. The server is trying to keep the connection alive waiting for
a correct filter command. All server comments start with a #.

# logresp KE7CXV verified, server T2APRSWST, adjunct "filter t/nw p/CW" OK - Filter definition updated

will send correct data

# logresp KE7CXV verified, server T2APRSWST, adjunct "t/nw p/CW" Missing filter keyword

won't send data and just 'keepalives'

I have KB0TVJ in a list on my server. If it detects you connecting to port 14580 it will
send the correct filter to you automatically. All you do is connect, nothing else. You
don't have to pre-define a filter yourself. In the coarse of your connect, if AFilter tries
to send an update to the existing 'filter', there is no telling what happens if the filter
update is wrong, or chopped off.

Dick, KB7ZVA


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