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Heavy Weather Beta 2 on a Dual Core Processor

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Here is something that might help those using Heavy Weather for the first time. Heavy weather will not work on an AMD Dual Core Athlon X2 processor, unless you force heavy weather to see only one processor.
You need to open Windows Tasl Manager, click on the processes tab, right click on heavyweather.exe, and set the affinity to one of the processors. If you don't do this, the program starts working initially and bombs after a few minutes, as it gets totally confused.
It had me totally confused. I visited every forum I could find and there was no help listed anywhere. I was about to throw the software out the window, and then I found the problem... and actually... Heavy Weather is not bad at all... now that it works!
I hope this helps... and perhaps the programmers can sort out the bug in future releases.

Thats very strange. I was thinking of upgrading my PC and getting one of those. I wonder how it would work with all the other weather software out there. Almost seems like it defeats the purpose.

I am not too sure, but I have sent my findings to Lacrosse, as I could not find any contact for Heavy Weather and have asked them to look at it.
The other thing is that you have to be really prepared before opening Heavy weather, but first opening Windows Task Manager and the second you see heavyweather.exe appear on the processes list, you have to make the change, or it just freezes up. if you do it immediately, it is perfect. Weird!! It's a pain though, because if you reboot, you have to do it all over again!!

Just curious, have you tried right-clicking on the Heavy Weather .exe file to see if you have any cpu affinity options? Seems you should be able to have a program start running with the affinity already set.

Don't know if the program has to be duo core aware, or if the OS provides all the functionality...

Would running the program in compatibility mode help?


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