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Weather Link 6510USB for sale.


I have a Weather Link 6510USB for sale. It's still in the unopened box. I'll take $100, plus shipping. I'll take a check, money order. or pay pal. PM me if interested. Thanks.


Are you wanting to exchange the usb for the serial version?

If so, contact Davis. They'll likely exchange it.


Thanks Kevin, but I didn't buy it from them, and have already purchased the serial version.


Davis may not have sold it to you, but they did manufacture it.

They don't need to know that you have a replacement.  Nothing wrong with having a spare.  Shouldn't be a part of the conversation.

Exchange it, then decide either to keep a spare or to sell it.  If you do sell it, it should be easier to sell (and probably bring more in return) than the USB version.

Good idea! I'll contact them later today and post the results. I keep hearing they are good to work with.

Thanks, Nica


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