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First my goal is to get the weather station data into a SQL Server.

So I have the RainWise MKIII with the USB connection to the computer.

VWS (Ver 14.01 p31) will work with most Rainwise MKIII but NOT with the USB connection.  I was told this
by the Rainwise MKIII support technician.  I believe VWS knows about this issue but has
not made changes to their software to utilize the usb connection.

Now I was pointed to the Weather View 32 software that DOES work with the
Rainwise MKIII usb, but does a terrible job of getting data out to a format that I can
easily use with SQL Server.  You can do it manually but not on a scheduled basis.

What I am looking for is a solution that will work for me.  My goal is to get my data into
a format that I can easily import into SQL Server on a scheduled basis.  VWS has that ability
but does not work with my Weather Station.

Doe anyone have any suggestions?

I have the MKII with a serial connection to WV32.  Never used the usb, although I probably will at the next upgrade.  As far as WV32 pushing out the data you need, you may want to contact Dave Heider at WV32. 

Here's his contact info:

Dave Heider
15651 SE Woodland Heights Rd.
Amity, OR
(503) 864-3217
Fax (503) 864-4381

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what about MYSQL instead?


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