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Rainwise owners and those who desire info or to discuss the Rainwise line now have a place to call their own.

I've been using a Rainwise since 1999 and it's a solid performer.

Good morning, Jim!

Ahh, so that's why you made the Rainwise suggestions in the various "What to buy" threads. Are you a distributor, vendor, or factory rep?

I'll just copy my quote and response here from the Texas heat thread.

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--- Quote from: VaJim on February 08, 2012, 08:19:08 PM ---Rainwise may be on the higher end of the price scale, only to find it's quality is unsurpassed.

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Of course there are always exceptions. My $199 Rainwise rain gauge didn't last two summers. Wouldn't receive data even ten feet away. Changed batteries, channels, orientation, etc. The one year warranty was up, so I had a very expensive funnel. I know there are flukes now and then, but based on that experience, I personally probably wouldn't buy one of their products again.

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I got it back out this fall before I bought the Davis VP2. What it would do was either not report any precipitation at all, or report much more than actual. Sometimes the daily would be dozens of inches while the total was zero or only a few tenths. It worked great the first summer and in the next spring. But when it started acting up, it happened quickly, not over time.

Granted, this was the older model from before the external antenna. But the experience still swayed further purchases. Anyone else see anything like this?


Steve, I think you hit the nail on the head with your previous statement, " Of course there are always exceptions."  Just about all the different wx station companies that I read about on here have had an issue or two with their products to deal with, reed switches, Super Caps, battery packs, firmware (2X rain amount), etc. You get those occasional rotten apples in the barrel of an otherwise good product. ;)

Very true Dan... like most products, we never hear about the thousand's that work well on the net, just the few that don't.  :-)

Oh, I understand and completely agree. I worked in engineering and manufacturing for 37 years, so I know things can go inexplicably wrong on occasion. I probably just got a bad apple. But you also know of many cases where that one bad apple spoils people's perception of the company against future purchases.

I do try to "spread the word" when a product does live up to expectations or a company goes above and beyond to ensure a happy customer. I'll be an evangelist for businesses like this and butt in on discussions where an uninformed salesman isn't doing a customer justice.

I guess I replied just because even years later, it still irks me that I spent a lot for the very best, but with the short warranty, I was left with a useless product so quickly. No parts or service was available, so I couldn't fix it. :shrug:



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