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Good morning all weather watchers.  I live and work on the island of Roatan.  Wunderground weather does report weather from our local airport but because the Island is mountainous we frequently have very different weather on the North Side as opposed to the South side of Roatan.  I am a sailor and wind and visability are important to me and hopefully the world.  I am not a computer savy guy and I can not spend a great deal of time tweeking a weather station. 

Okay here is my question.  What do I need to buy ( complete system ) to place a weather station on or near the beach on the North Side of Roatan.  I need a system that can be hard wired with battery back up as we have frequent power outages.

Any help our members can supply will be much appreciated. 



George Richardson:
Members of this forum usually recommend the Davis line of weather stations as best value. The rather harsh conditions (salty air) would add more weight to that recommendation. Your statement "I need a system that can be hard wired with battery back up as we have frequent power outages." is a little hard to interpret. Are you saying you need a cabled model or are you saying you need a battery backed up system? You could say that the Davis is a solar powered system with a battery back-up (both cabled and wireless) which can run off household electricity when its available. You probably should go to the Davis web site and do a little study then ask more questions.
FWIW as a start.

Your best bet would probably be a Davis wireless station. These stations run off of solar power with the exception of the console. It is AC powered with battery backup. You can hook this station upto a computer with the addition of the optional datalogger. The datalogger also is capable of storing weather data in the event of a powerfailure or if the computer it is connected to does not run 24 hours a day. And there is software that comes with the datalogger called weatherlink. If you decide to buy one of these stations. I recommend you check the prices at


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