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Self-contained Wi-Fi weather station

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I'm looking for a self-contained weather station that is able to upload it's results via Wi-Fi, and so does *not* need a nearby computer.  My wife is an oceanographer and she's looking to deploy a weather station at a resort in the Philippines to collect useful data.  They have power and Wi-Fi there but we don't want to be dependent on a local laptop or PC.  Are there any "set up and forget" type products?  She only need temperature and winds, nothing fancy.  What's the lowest cost reliable option?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Upload to where?

There are not lot of options for what you want other than cobbling together something yourself (like wview running on linux in a re-flashed network device, or a usb to ethernet dongle), or the Davis Vantage Pro 2 with WeatherLinkIP data logger (not cheap).

My ideal would be uploaded directly to Weather Underground.  But I could provide an FTP site instead.  Thanks for your suggestion.  I agree I could hobble something together, but it seems strange that there is no pre-configured set-up.  With the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, why bother with a local PC that can fail?

I've used Dawning SNIs for FTP and, but never tried it with WU.

It's not WIFI, but if there's a router you can plug it into...

The SNI has the functionality I was looking for, but I need a self-contained, water-proof unit.  It's just strange that all the technology is available but no one has put the pieces together.  Anyway, thanks for your help.


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