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Dynamic updating WAP site with CSS


I previously posted this in the WD forum, but figured I'd share it here too.

--- Quote ---A post by Krelvinaz in a discussion about WAP got me thinking.  Various pieces of code that I've picked up from him, ktrue, carterlake and anole made it possible to take a shot at it.  What I have are PHP scripts that create XHTML MP files to be viewed on mobile phones.  In addition to supporting css, you can view these file on your web browser without a plugin while debugging your code.  Mine can be seen at and the code and support files can be downloaded at

I'd be interested in hearing how this works on various phones because I've really only seen it on mine.  Questions, comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

Enjoy.  - Jim
--- End quote ---

Thanks for sharing it here Jim!

I'll update the "Where's the scripts?' main post with the new link/description.

Best regards,


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