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Now available - WeeWX plugin for Saratoga template set
« on: May 14, 2021, 09:29:03 PM »
Many thanks to Gary at  Narangba Weather in Queensland, AU for his generation of the weewx-saratoga extension for WeeWX which provides the data used by the Saratoga template with the new WEEWX-plugin.

The new plugin is available on the install page

Note: if you have a current Saratoga template operational, be sure to use the updates tool with a query of Base-*, 14-May-2021 to get the needed script updates to your Base for the plugin to work correctly.  New installations from Base-*.zip can avoid this step.

The WEEWX-plugin emulates the Weather-Display clientraw*.txt files and provides the PHP tags to operate the stock and the alternative dashboard scripts.  The alternative dashboard has been updated to 6.95d version with WEEWX support.  The updated alternative dashboard scripts are also attached.

See a working version at

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