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I am trying to get Saratoga template to work I don't know if there is file WU-history I over wrote that page my mistake. I don't know what is the calling page  it was working a long time a go. I was updating the pages but i still have a problem  Thanks Joe

You can download from https://github.com/ktrue/WU-History any of the missing parts or the whole shebang.

For the template, wxwuhistory.php is the page which load WU-History-inc.php for presentation.

I have down loaded the script and update the scripts, Do I delete 'WU-History.php' is it not used? I still have to find the data. Thanks Joe

I look at the cache on the server some are wuxxxxjson and other are marked wudayxxxjson if they are in the cache on the server do I have to load them or where do I load them. Thanks Joe

The WU-History.php page is for 'standalone' display.. use wxwuhistory.php for display in the Saratoga template.

You use WXDailyHistory.php in your browser to 'preload' the monthly cache files. The README.md file at https://github.com/ktrue/WU-History has the details.

Basically you run
--- Code: ---view-source:https://your.website.com/WXDailyHistory.php?year={year}&graphspan=year&debug=y
--- End code ---
in your browser after you've setup WXDailyHistory.php with your WU ID and API Key for each {year} YYYY your station was in operation with WU.  You can go back to 2008, but no earlier.. they don't have data earlier than that.   The cache files will be stored in your ./cache/ directory with names like wuYYYYMM-{WUID}-{e|m}.json.  If all the data for a particular year doesn't come back, just reload the page until it says all the files are in the cache, then switch to another year.  Repeat until you've got all the data for your station.

I found my station was off line because I had API in WD and had to change to the station ID. I am back on line with WU but all the data on the server is blank. I have no data for the WU page. I have the page working now I just need the data. I deleted all the wu data on the server which only had {"observations":[]} I don't know how long it take to update. Thanks Joe


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