Author Topic: Problem importing rain data from meteohub to meteotemplate  (Read 121 times)

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Hi, me again.
Not allowed already on meteotemplate forum, so i try here.

Maybe you did read my other thread, so you know that im switching from meteohub to meteotemplate via weewx and sdr.
Now all sensor datas are coming in and i delete my hole databank and tried to import for testing 05/2021 data from meteohub.
In MH i have the option to create WD Datas as csv.
My problem is now, that the rain is not accumulated over the day in the historic data i try to import
Yesterday it rained and the live data in the database show me the rain as accumulated (hope this is the right englisch word). I mean there is shown  0.22-0.22-0.22-0.44-0.44-0.8-...
In the imported data are only the sensor datas as they come in and then 0.00 like 0.22-0.00-0.00-0.00-0.22-0.00-0.00-....

I hope you know what i mean.  :???:

Very intersting is, that the "Bericht" is shown a graph with correct rain. But the station graph is only shown the "single" entries...
Can i correct this or is there another function or have i correct all the rain data via excel before i import (i dont hope so  :roll:)


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Re: Problem importing rain data from meteohub to meteotemplate
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2021, 11:08:04 AM »
Please attach the sample csv file, I can give it a try.