Author Topic: NWS to discontinue some composite regional radar images temporarily...  (Read 684 times)

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In a missive this morning (full announcement here) they say
Subject: Static Radar Image Files Temporarily Suspended on
         EMWIN Services, Effective December 16, 2020
On or about December 16, 2020, NWS is temporaily suspending 10
static Radar Image files sent over the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES)
-East and West High Rate Information Transmission (HRIT) /
Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) satellite broadcast on virtual channel 21.
These products are published on the enterprise EMWIN File Transfer Protocol (FTP) archive file server.

The products will be  suspended pending completion of the NWS migration to the new Ridge 2
radar product generation services.   
The suspended Radar products are listed/documented under Title-03 through 12,
in the EMWIN Image and Text Data Capture Catalog:

The static Radar Image files should return to the EMWIN services by February 26, 2021.
NWS will send an updated Service Change Notice when the suspended static Radar files
have been reinstated on the EMWIN services.

In the interim and effective on or about December 16, 2020, Users may
obtain Ridge 2 static radar image files for individual radar sites
at the following Ridge 2 services URL:

The Title-03 to Title-12 images are the regional composite radar images that are used in the USA-regional-maps-inc.php Version 1.00 - 10-Jun-2020 to provide a regional composite radar image.  The URLs used by the script are:
Code: [Select]
$NWSregions = array(
# NOAA regional loops
 'ak' => 'Alaska|',
 'nw' => 'Northwest|',
 'nr' => 'Northern Rockies|',
 'nm' => 'North Mississippi Valley|',
 'nc' => 'Central Great Lakes|',
 'ne' => 'Northeast|',
 'hi' => 'Hawaii|',
 'sw' => 'Southwest|',
 'sr' => 'Southern Rockies|',
 'sc' => 'Southern Plains|',
 'sm' => 'South Mississippi Valley|',
 'se' => 'Southeast|',
while the individual images in the PDF data description doc are slightly different and comprise one frame of the loop .gif files we use.  I'm guessing that their discontinuation of the individual frame composite will also lead to discontinue of the loop .gif for the region (as it won't have images to consolidate/animate).

Their link to the collection sadly does not include composite regional images (only individual radar site images and animated .gif loop).  So.. I'll be working up a change to the USA-regional-maps-inc.php V1.00 for Base-USA Saratoga templates tomorrow when I see what is fully available...
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Re: NWS to discontinue some composite regional radar images temporarily...
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2021, 01:26:04 PM »
New SCN from the fine folks at NOAA.  Looks like they're behind schedule (shocking... :roll: ) on the rollout of the new static radar image files.  The notice pushes back the rollout indefinitely.

Subject: Updated: Static Radar Image Files Temporarily Suspended on EMWIN Services, Effective December 16, 2020

Updated to correct the date for the return of the Static Radar Image Files on the EMWIN services from February 26, 2021, to a date to be determined...

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The regional images are back however, they seem to be the "lite" versions and don't look all that great IMHO.

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The animations are too brisk for my taste and contain no pause to indicate the start/end of the loop.  Sheesh!

To me, this isn't much better than nothing.
Regards, Jerry Wilkins