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UPDATE 14 MAY 2014
Version 2.4.1
It seems I was remiss in not posting this update info before (now 20 Jan 2017 !!!).
Just in case you are here but use the Cumulus HTML website templates, not Saratoga there is a minor bugfix for that version on our website - details on the Cumulus Forum. The SARATOGA (CW versions) are NOT affected.

UPDATE 13 January 2014
Version 2.4.0
After adding tooltips in ver 2.3.0 I did not like that the script would not validate properly - the CSS tooltips were not XHTML compliant but did work.
Ver 2.4.0 is an overhaul of a significant part of the code and is now HTML5. Check out the HowTo for details on HTML5.
There are also some additional setting options for the temp 'rotation' items displayed.
The 'antenna' (Vue) and 'X' (VP2) data received indicators are now included. Options are provided to turn these off if you don't want them. Provision has been made for these to respond to 'sensorlost' data from the WX software should it be made available in the future.
Full and Update packages may be downloaded from http://silveracorn.co.nz/weather/wxscripts.php


UPDATE 30 December 2013
Version 2.3.0 available.
There are a number of code revisions and refinements 'under the hood'.
There is also a new feature which is to enable either, neither, or both Console and Table buttons to open the linked scripts in a new tab allowing more than one page to be open at once. There is also a 'tooltip' to indicate which buttons will open a new tab. This tool tip can be turned off.
Please note there are updated davconCW.css and jquery.davconsoleCW.js files in the ./davcon/ folder - both are required.


UPDATE 22 December 2013
Version 2.2.5 available.
Only change is to add 'US' 24Hour time format.

Have developed a new script package as an alternative to the one here http://www.weather-watch.com/smf/index.php/topic,49563.0.html
This project began as a way to provide this function for Cumulus users and now works for users of the Saratoga template system with either Weather Display or Cumulus software. Both VP2 and VUE are included.

It has been fully discussed with Axelvold and Allesandro Bardi who generously supplied his version as a starting point. The package has been in development for over 6 months and has recently been tested by a few WD users to which go my thanks.
It appears to work properly as designed so should you decide to install it, hopefully it proves to be a satisfactory experience.

You may view working versions driven by a Vue and Cumulus  here;
and here;
As the package is too big upload to this forum, it may be downloaded from http://silveracorn.nz/weather/wxscripts.php
If you choose to use this script instead of the previous one, please note that virtually no files are the same including all the graphics so please do not try to mix and match anything from the other package with this one!

It is offered for use, as is, without any commitment of support but I am open to constructive suggestions and will assist as and when I have the time and inclination.


And I have it working here http://komokaweather.ca/davconvp2CW.php



Thanks for all the support and emails with getting mine working correctly. =D>


Running at http://tiggrweather.net/davconvp2CW.php for some time.

Well done, BCJKiwi.

Got it installed. THANKS for this!

Where would I look to change the time from 24 hour to 12 hour,
and I have a VP Forecast on there but can't get it to show up.


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