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Software to grab a (portion) screen image and save for uploading?

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I'm far from a programmer, but wonder if there is a commercial program that will do the following, with minimal fuss on my part, or something that is in the public domain for use.

I anticipate that a hardware piece I have will show up shortly and when installed, a program runs monitoring the unit and generating a fixed sized (not full screen) image of the status of the device.

I want to grab a .jpg of that (the software they provide unfortunately doesn't do that right now, sort of a screen grab) and take that stored image and FTP to my web site.  I'm checking for sure, but I think that Weather Display, which I use to make the base page, can upload additional images such as a web cam image, etc. 

If that is the case, then if I can grab the graph that this device makes,I could send it to my web page for monitoring when I'm away from home.  I imagine there is such a utility as this, but don't know what to look for or try.  If the device would generate an image, I'd be golden, since it would be similar as to having NexStorm or Lightning2K do a screen shot of itself and save it to a chosen directory which I then uploaded. 

Is there a utility that someone has heard of or uses that might work for my needs?


You could always take a picture of the screen with a cell phone.

Yes, but then my fingers would get sore from pushing the button!

And I get cranky when I loose sleep during storms I'm trying to capture. :grin:

I use

It takes a picture of part of my desktop on a extra computer I have that has a program up that shows my smart UPS info


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