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Inaccurate readings on multiple sensor s


Greetings All,

Over the past several weeks I have been noticing increasing inaccuracies on barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity readings on my MKIII-LR.

Barometer-wide swings with inaccuracies of as much as 0.3" from nearby stations and the nearest airport (4 miles away)
Temperature-as much as 6 degrees colder or warmer than 2 stations within a mile
Humidity-readings off as much as 20% compared to other nearby stations

My initial thought was that there was some type of obstruction that was fully or partially blocking the sensors from the environment. I to the station down and thoroughly cleaned. I didn't see any change in performance. I considered a battery problem but the battery is at 6.3 volts even after a few hours in full darkness.

My leading suspicion right now is a problem with the main logic board but I don't have the resources to make a definitive diagnosis.

I've emailed Rainwise support and hope to hear from them soon but wanted to ask if anyone had potential sources to the problem that I may have missed.



Have you checked your battery?

Battery is showing 6.3 volts. I think that's what it is supposed to be.



--- Quote from: hmueller on August 28, 2019, 03:45:34 PM ---Battery is showing 6.3 volts. I think that's what it is supposed to be.


--- End quote ---

I wouldn't get too excited with that type of pressure swing just yet.   The temp/RH may be related to the sensor itself.  Not hard to change out.  If it's like the NON-LR model, you remove the wind sensor and it's right down in the tube.


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