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@kheller2 Not sure what firmware version it has now. Looking at the update manual i don't see an option to view the current version.
I'm thinking about adding a ecowitt WH45, but still a little hesitant if it will work. Think i first order a ecowitt WH51 to be sure.

@Gyvate thank you for putting all the time into the MUST READ thread, it has a lot of good information.
In case you are intersted in some additional information. :

The EasyWeather firmware does not support WPA3 WiFi (and no future support), but the EasyWeatherPRO version should support WPA3. (answer directly from ecowitt support)

Also i quickly scanned the 868mhz band with RTL_433 and it found a Fineoffset WH32B. So the Garni 090HP is recognized as a Fineoffset sensor.
Strangely enough i couldn't pickup the other sensors yet, but maybe need to adjust the frequency a little. The Garni 090HP transmitted at around 868.45mhz
Air Quality Sensors / Re: Calibration
« Last post by Wooks61 on Today at 07:34:20 PM »
It depends on whether you want an accurate PM2.5 measurement or just a relative one.

I have four WH41 (outdoor types) and one WH45.
I use two to monitor outside areas: Street side of building and rear side of building.
The other two are indoors in different areas I want to monitor.
I " calibrated" them by sitting them all together and monitoring their values.
Then made any offsets as required. In my case this was none. All four WH41s and the WH45 were all reading near enough the same.

Now knowing what my min values are, it is easy to  see any variation in reading around the property and take steps to reduce internal "pollution" eg not opening windows at peak traffic times, using extractors in the kitchen etc.

Whilst my monitors are not calibrated to a known official value, they allow sufficient indications for my needs..
Thanks for the update.
Everything working on main weather but have problems with the Extremes loading. I will need to do some more testing when I can  get some free time next week.
Thanks for your help.
Currently using 2 Reolink Argus 3 Pro.
These are solar cams. Using an extender for the wifi they work just fine.
will check once I'm close to my console again  8-) - mine should show ...(if this text is meant for the general firmware version)
Station Software Development / Re: Wunderground Station Forwarder
« Last post by karss on Today at 02:57:12 PM »
Got in touch with the author and the issues/bugs that I was facing while forwarding data to Weather Underground has been sorted out.
The latest script is available at:
I appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Just my last question: taking into account that a barometer helps predict weather conditions, where should I place the Ecowitt WN32(WH32) INDOOR Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Sensor so it can help me get a weather forecast?
the (by design maximum 75% exact) weather forecast is based on pressure and outdoor temperature and the average temperature over the past 12 hours. The WH32B (WH32 indoor) only provides/contributes the pressure to the formula used by the console firmware. For pressure measurement alone its place is not very important  (as long as you don't live inside a pressure chamber). The pressure is pretty much the same everywhere.
As for indoor temperature and humidity, you may want to choose a place which you find is most representative for your own situation.
Of course your barometer should be calibrated - see e.g. our MUST READ thread.
Received the following reply from Ecowitt:

"Hi, Ken
Can you try to upgrade your HP1000 console firmware to 1.9.1 and try the “AFC option” to be on to see the result? It can be possible that the center radio frequency is not in align with the receiver. With the help of AFC option, you can adjust this issue.

Unzip the attached file, then copy the user.bin file on a micro SD card, insert into your console to start upgrade. After this is done, you can set this on the setup page.

If this is successfuel, you can do the same setting on your GW2000 hub.

Can you try?
Best Regards
Ecowitt Support Team"

I have checked as requested, but, as I expected, AFC doesn't solve the problem.
I have supplied more details of the tests that I carried out with different firmware versions etc.
So await their response
Other Weather Station Hardware / Re: Inspeed Vortex Shot
« Last post by mickopla on Today at 12:32:25 PM »
On the off chance someone else might come across this issue i will reply with the solution.

Basically the magnet go corroded over time and was spinning around in the housing causing the noise and faulty operation.

The fix was easy, i took a magnet from an old broken anemometer and super glued it back in the rotor housing.

All working fine now with no issues.   
I sent an email to Davis last week, regarding the high contrast mode on/off bug still occurring.

I got an email back to say, and I quote:  "hmm....that should have been fixed a few release ago."

Your move, Davis.
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