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Apps Script from MyAcurite to WU, Windy, PWSWeather, OWM, WindGuru, and/or CWOP

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Hello all!

I've built a solution that periodically grabs data directly from MyAcurite and forwards it on to Wunderground,, PWSWeather, OpenWeatherMap, WindGuru, and/or NOAA CWOP. It's built on the free Google Apps Script infrastructure and is available on Github:

I've been developing and using it for a few years now and it's pretty battle-tested. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

I appreciate someone finally taking the time to make this script. I am trying to send my data from either Wunderground or Myacurite to CWOP. So far I'm having trouble with the setup and getting this error:  TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')

I have used my Wunderground api and station and get this error. I then tried for MyAcurite, I'm not sure what is meant by HubName and StationName. I used 'Access' as HubName and New Mandy Farms Atlas for StationName since that is what shows up on the MyAcurite app.

Any help is appreciated and thank again for making this script.


Hi Chris!

Sure thing. Does the error say what Line it's happening on?

When I try using Wunderground (ibm), which is my preference, I get this error. Seems to not like the url

11:59:11 AM   Error   
Problem fetching
fetchJSON_   @
refreshFromIBM_   @
Schedule   @

Hrm. When I load up

--- Code: ---{myapikey}
--- End code ---
it loads as expected... Are you sure your API Key is correct in the code? It should be a good 32 characters long...


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