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I have two 4" diameter CoCoRaHS Rain Gauges for sale.  These are the official gauges approved for use by the
Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS).   One is brand new in box and comes with a
mounting bracket and screws.  Asking $20 (new ones go for $46 shipped).  The other gauge was used for 7 years
and the plastic is a little yellowed and hazy, but is still functional.  It comes with a mounting bracket, but
no screws.  Asking $5.

Selling because I live in an apartment now and can't use the gauges.

I've already posted this to Craigslist over a month ago but have received few responses.  So I thought a weather
forum might be a more effective way to reach the right buyers.

If anyone is interested in buying this gear, please contact me off-list at robertjmodic at

These items are now sold.  Thanks Dale.

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This gauge is being sold new for $35 by A newer gauge has been released—called a “Tropo” significantly more expensive — $88.25 to be exact from

Bottom line? Take most any offers and move on. For what it is worth, the newer Tropo gauge, in my view, is way over priced and provides minimal additional features.

Hi, Dale here in Eau Claire, WI

I sent you a personal message to see if the gauges were still available.  Thx. Dale

Cutty Sark Sailor:

--- Quote from: WheatonRon on May 15, 2023, 08:56:49 PM ---
...For what it is worth, the newer Tropo gauge, in my view, is way over priced and provides minimal additional features.

--- End quote ---

since you brought it up, with all respect:
As many of us have realized, the production, consistency, and calibration quality of the Stratus has been problematic for several years. The problem is serious enough that CoCoRaHS quietly, began 'looking around', rejecting all comers... ... Climalytic went out on a huge expensive limb to resolve, and came up with a real jewel that resolves virtually all issues with 'others'.  My suspicion is Stratus only remains 'approved' at this point BECAUSE of price, as the 'best' low end over all the others, and if Product Alternatives does mitigate the issues, especially in materials,  the cost will rise beyond the MSRP of $40.

Tropo Kicks Butt. I say this from experience as field tester since Dec 2022.
More Expensive? Yes. BUT (more or less) if you can afford 2 Stratus gauges, and/or keeping/re-ordering parts replaced for them, you can afford a Tropo. I say the 'pole mount' kit/assembly 'add on' is outrageous,... mount it on a post!.... but the gauge kit comes with what you need to mount on a pipe also.
Approved? Yes.
More Features? Yes, contrary to what WheatonRun states, and the more I became familiar with them the more I appreciate them.
Applicable to everyone?  Nope.  I suggest it's for serious, meticulous observers only.  At least, with Tropo, you'd know the cylinders are 100% accurate across production runs. 
I've 2 unused, spanking brand new Stratus as backup.  Want em?  No guarantee of inner cylinder accuracy, as both are different on overflow and imprints.  One does appear reasonably accurate.  Also have 4 used inner cylinders and misc parts enough to make up about 2 1/2 additional Stratus, and one of those inner cylinders does appear to be accurate.   Some you can even read the calibration lines on....
NOT SERIOUS... actually I anticipate donating them to potential observers in my area, with caveats for accuracy.
----------- total disclosure----------
I did receive a production issue TROPO a couple of weeks ago as 'thanks' for the real PITA field testing/reporting/critique  during the winter months.
At least for now, Climalytic donates a small percentage of gauge sales to CoCoRaHs.

I've asked my wife for a Tropo gauge for my birthday :D .


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