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Maps include Greece .amf format for Lightning 2000


I would like to ask if anyone has a map of Europe that includes Greece in .amf format for Lightning 2000.

I am from Greece and I can not find maps of my country or the surrounding area to work on the BOLTEK detector I have.

Thank you very much in advance


Larissa - Greece

Michael M:
I am going to post a few links on this thread for different versions of Lightning 200 software
Some versions you can add your on .bmp or jpeg maps
This will take awhile as I will have to upload them to my website
Then they will be available for download
I will post on this thread again after they are ready for download
Hope this helps

Michael M:
Here is how to create an .amf file

Thank you Michael

Michael i just remind you about the lightning2000 versions that you can put your own map.
Unfortunately i can't find original Greece maps from other boltek owners till now.



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