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Alternative maps for Lightning 2000

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Good evening to all.

I would like to ask if we can use our own maps in Lightning 2000 in addition to those provided with the program.

I read somewhere that we can use .bmp but also .jpg but i see the program accepts only the original maps given with Lightning 2000 which is in .amf format



Michael M:
Yes you can.
Click in top left corner of window
Click on Install map
Click Select what format
You should have the .bmp file saved in a known location
Select that file
That should be it.

It is accept only .amf files.
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Michael M:
Click on the black arrow next to  MAPS.amf on the right side
Should drop down and show different formats
At less it use to before

I know. Its does not show more formats. Just the one i show you Michael!!


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