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HOW to connect a GW2000, GW1x00 or WH2650 (clone) or other consoles to WiFi

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thanks Gyvate, the flight mode did it :-)

pairing and configuring your console under Windows
If the WSView app cannot be used and cannot be installed inside an Android emulation under Windows like NOX player, Ecowitt provides a Windows tool ("app") for that purpose,
the WS-Connect-Router program (download from Tab "Manual and Software"
 :!: There are two download possibilities on this page/tab - you have to take the first one which says "WIFI Configuration PC Software" :!:

After installation and start of the tool it presents itself like below:
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you choose your console and receive the following page with setup /configuration instructions depending on your console choice:
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after clicking "OK" the configuration interface pops up

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you can either initiate the pairing only (top left portion) by entering the SSID of your wireless LAN ("WiFi") and the router password and pressing "Save".
or, you can, after having pressed "Save", enter the IDs and credentials for the weather network(s) of your choice including a customized server - and  then press the corresponding button.
For you only need to press "Register at Ecowitt". The program will automatically create a station based on the MAC address of your console.

At the "Customized" option, "Station ID" and "Station Key" are optional - it depends on the server you are sending the data to - if this information is needed there or not.
 :!: However, "Path" must always have an entry, even if the receiving server doesn't need it. But if that field is empty, your console won't send any data ! So enter at least "/" (without "").  :!:
The saving of the "Customized" option goes along with pressing the "Save" button.

if your device has been successfully paired with the router but still doesn't show in the device list of the WSView app
(and/or doesn't post weather data to even though you configured it with the WS Connect Router PC software (Windows) - see post before)

1. how do you know that it has been paired ?

when it has been successfully paired, it has been given an IP address by your router - your router usually shows you the IP addresses of the connected devices -
if there is one you don't know yet, it's likely to be it. You will have to do some trial and error work.

2. what to do ?

you will need the WSView app to continue, the latest version (as per post date 12-Jun-2021)
The new version of the WSView app provides a few more options in its menu.
The option we are talking about are "Direct connection" and "Test mode".

a) "Direct Connection" see below picture, select "Direct Connection" from the menu and enter your IP address from your router in the field
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in most cases you should be either directed to the live data page of WSView (GW1000, WH2650, WN1900)
or to the Weather service configuration pages (HP2551, HP350x, WS2320E, WH2910)

b) if nothing works and if you cannot identify your IP address, then use the "Test mode" and make a screen copy of the "gibberish" that will be shown.
Email this screen shot to and they will reply to you with your IP information or other support instructions.
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For the new GW1100 - see below
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The installation (= integration into the local network via a WLAN access point) is done either as with the GW1000 using the WSView app or via a web interface.

For this purpose, you have to connect the smartphone, PC, ... ... to the GW1100's internal WLAN via WiFi.
When the GW1100 is connected to power, it will show a WLAN network ID (SSID) which is GW1100A*-WIFIxxxx,
where xxxx is the last four digits of its MAC address.
If you are connected to it, you can access the web interface via IP and configure it or view the live data.
(*GW1100A-, GW1100B or GW1000C depending on the reception frequency: A=868 MHz, B=915 MHz, C=433 MHz)

However, this is only possible as long as you are connected to this WLAN. This WLAN has no internet access.
Therefore, it is not possible to view the data "on the side" in the web browser while surfing the Internet or the local network with other tabs while connected to the GW1100 WLAN.
 Of course, this also applies to a tablet on which you want to view the live data.

This process so far only works with the WebUI. Pairing with the WSView app does not succeed (firmware 2.02).

Once the pairing was successful and the GW1100 has received an IP address  inside the local network,
you can view the live data and do further configuration (calibration, rain totals, Weather Services)
also in the WSView app on the local network and be connected to the internet at the same time.
You can now also connect to the device WebUI directly by entering its local network IP into the browser, e.g. http.//

For the new GW2000 - see below
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Unless using the Ethernet (LAN) interface for connecting/pairing the console, the other potential obstacles described earlier with the GW1000 (top post) also apply.
The WiFi connection works in principle the way described with the GW1100.


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