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Is HeavyWeather Pro 2800 the only software for LaCrosse 28XX units?

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Downloaded trial and have a question about rainfall info....why doesn't it pull it from the currdat.lst?   
I entered starting values, but am curious if it will continue to update them as it didn't pull it from the data initially....

I have two 23" monitors and I couldn't seem to be able to resize the "dials" view...

Lots of stations supported!!!


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--- Quote from: Weather Display on September 17, 2013, 07:16:36 PM ---weather display works with that station/software...via the currdat.lst file that gets updated by the heavy weather software

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Downloaded the trial version.....will install later today!



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The software in you link did not work with the WS2814, but I appreciate the effort Dan!!!


--- Quote from: DanS on September 17, 2013, 06:01:26 PM ---I haven't seen anything that will substitute. There are clone LaCrosse stations with their software that may work, though I've never tried it.

I use WUHU software with my ws28xx because it's so much nicer but with the WS28xx series you still need to have HW Pro running in the background.

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Weather Display:
yes, you manually set the starting rain totals in WD

there is no gaurantee users have the rain totals set correct on the console (they might have been lost after a console reset or similar)

re could try...setup, use large screen size...and set yes...

So I replaced the batteries in my WS-2813 and it would not communicate with the USB.

Working with La Crosse, they have told me to down load Heavy Weather 2800 software and gave me a link to the retired site of their own :(

They thought that the one that I downloaded from -

... might now work correctly.

weewx has native support for the ws28xx stations since 2013, either directly using the usb transceiver (using the ws28xx driver), using the gw1000u bridge (using the interceptor driver), or directly from RF signals (using a $20 SDR dongle and the sdr driver).

no need for heavyweather


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