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Tutorial: Davis Station with Weewx, Ubuntu, MySQL and SLOWeather Serial Cable

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Is the cable still available?

Thanks for the very detailed instructions. They work eight years later in 2020. I'm using a Vantage Vue weather station feeding data to a Raspberry Pi 4 via a Davis WeatherLink USB Data Logger (#6510USB). The diagnostics with minicom was a big help. These days, there's another utility called cutecom, which has a nice GUI.

I've played with MySQL and MariaDB before just because databases are neat. In the case of weewx running on a dedicated machine, I followed the kiss rule and left weewx using sqlite.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is running Apache2 server so I can access the web-based reports from other machines. Weewx conveniently generates the reports in /var/www/html/weewx, so I just have to navigate to <the local ip>/weewx.


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