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Station Networks now added to WeatherElement!


As of this morning, the engineers are beta-testing WeatherElement Station Networks.


We've had the Stations Map for a while.

Now that we're starting sales outside California, it takes a lot of panning and zooming to focus in on a smaller area. So, we developed Networks.

Any WeatherElement station can be a member of any number of WeatherElement networks

For instance, there's the SLOCity (San Luis Obispo City) Network:

All of its members are also part of the SLOCounty network:

And each station's home page shows which networks it belongs to: and scroll to the bottom.

So, the Decker Ranch complex of stations can have its own network, which shows the stations on an appropriately sized map:

The Decker ranch sites aren't on-line yet, hence no data. I might get them lit up Friday.

The pages still need a little work to make them more attractive, but the networks work!


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