Author Topic: La Crosse V61 Weather Station not sending live updates to La Crosse View App.  (Read 3495 times)

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I have a LaCrosse V61 weather station with the wind and rain sensors. The weather station works well with the sensors, and displays updated info as it should. I have a big problem getting the station to send live updates to LaCrossse View App. I have connected the station to WIFI over 2.4GHz network, as per the instructions. I have created an account on the app using an email address, and added all deices to it with their IDs. The station had been sending live notifications for 1 hour then stopped, and never has sent any data again, even though it stays connected to WIFI. I have tried to create a new account on LaCrosse View app with a different email address, reset the V61 station to default settings, and reconnected to WIFI again. It had been sending live data for about 2.5 hours and stopped, never has sent anything again. On the WIFI network controller I can see the station connected with an IP address assigned, but no data passing at all, not communicating with LaCrosse servers.

Would anybody know what the issue might be with this device, and how to resolve this problem?

Thank you.

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I am having the same problem   could it be their servers are fubar?