Author Topic: Almanac Incorrect (sunrise/moonrise) as well as time for Summary Temperature  (Read 247 times)

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Our new school website:

Is incorrectly displaying the sunrise/moonrise time in the almanac section -- as well as displaying "Night Time" in the Summary Temperature area. We are pulling data from Weather Display.

Any advice on what we are doing incorrectly?


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You've likely used a negative longitude in the WD setup.  WD uses astronomical longitude, so negative numbers are EAST of GMT, while positive numbers are WEST of GMT.  The opposite is the case for terrestrial longitude such as used in map programs.

Open Weather-Display, Control Panel, Solar Sensor, Max Solar Time of Day/Time Zone Lat/Long. Fudge offset TAB
Change the Longitude number to positive, and press OK to save.

That should fix the issue.
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Mr. True,

Thanks so very much - the moment I get back to school, I will try it.

Again, thanks so much and may you and your family have a safe and healthy 2022.