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NWS Forecast Zone checker...
« on: August 21, 2021, 04:27:05 PM »
Recently, the Honolulu WFO changed the majority of the Forecast Zones for Hawaii, and Stan was left with the daunting task of changing zone names in the Settings.php $SITE['NWSforecasts'] array to match the new zones.  I created a quick NWS-check-zones.php script that checks each entry in the array, updates it if needed, and prints a new copy for use in $SITE['NWSforecasts'].

There have been other changes during the last year to some NWS forecast zones, so if you're having an issue (or just want to check),
download, upload to your Saratoga Template website, and run it.  It will read Settings.php $SITE['NWSforecasts'] entries automatically.
If you're running advforecast2.php script 'standalone', you can modify the NWS-check-zones.php to have the $NWSforecasts array from advforecast2.php be used instead.

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