Author Topic: Change the upload location of dailynoaareport*.html & limatedataoutm*.html files  (Read 234 times)

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It has been 12 years since I setup my site and I just moved hosting companies and I want to try to clean things up without breaking everything. I want to change the default upload location of the dailynoaareportmyyyy.html and climatedataoutmyyyy.html files to go into a folder instead of the root of my server, a folder called daily. Once I get the files to upload to ./daily, what files do I need to change and where do I update the path?  I believe I know where in WDL to make the changes so the files go to the new location, I am just not sure what changes I need to make so all the historical data displays correctly with the files being in the new location.

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Hi kb5bfa,

Thanks for the post, hopefully some one has the simple answer here. I think I asked this question in the WD forum and kinda got told there is nothing wrong with the way it is set up so, not knowing enough to work on the solution, I had to give it up, lol. I have the same issue, and would like to have things a bit more organized -- I also have a ton of graph gifs and other htm and html files that I save because I am sure they are used for any of the historical data, but again scattered about.

Sorry I don't have the answer, but thanks for the post.