Author Topic: A script to keep PWSweather updated with Weather Underground data  (Read 1048 times)

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I had a problem in that my weather station could only upload data into Weather Underground, while my sprinkler controller could only pull data in from PWSweather. There existed many free but complicated as well as convenient but expensive solutions to link the two databases or intercept the data upload packets and forward them to PWSweather. My solution was a simple PHP script (github link) which could be setup on a cheap (perhaps even free*) web server and periodically move data between the two databases. Online cron job site such as can then be used to automate the process without the need or expense of any additional hardware.

You can see the script functionality in action, or even link your own weather underground and PWSweather stations here:

* A note of warning: I noticed that some free web hosts use javascript in order to filter out automated traffic, exactly the kind used by periodic cron jobs. does not have this limitation since it is running on a paid server. The way the site works now is this way for a reason. I do not want to provide a way for you to store your credentials or setup cron job for you. By doing this I hope to avoid issues with WU api.