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WebCams Vs. Network Cameras


I am by no means very knowledgeable on this subject, but wanted to contribute this bit of information for those looking to add pictures to their web site...

The vast majority of web sites use "webcams" to add pictures and/or video to their sites.  These devices are relatively cheap and connect directly to your PC (usually via USB).  Once the image is on your PC, you can use software to manipulate and upload the images to your web site.

However, there is another alternative.  It is a "network camera".  In terms of video performance, these devices are similiar to webcams in that they run from not very good images to very good images.  The difference is that these devices include a pseudo-computer with enough "smarts" built-in to directly upload (FTP) or email (SMTP) your images to your web site, cell phone, etc.  They generally connect to your home network (not directly to your PC) through either a standard CAT5 cable or wirelessly.  The benefits are that you can send images to your web site without a PC.  Your PC does not (necessarily) interact with the images, and the images are not dependent on your PC being available or running.  These devices offer far more "location" options that a webcam that must connect to your PC via USB.  However, they are more expense.

You can see an image from my Network Camera at ""


--- Quote from: "dmevis" ---However, they are more expense.

--- End quote ---

Good writeup and welcome to the forum. I used to have a network camera but ditched it for USB. I experienced all kinds of problems with it getting kicked off the network. I was rebooting it probably about once a week and finally made the change to USB cameras which have been much more reliable and A LOT cheaper. I've got four cameras installed around my city and rarely have to mess with them unless lightning knocks them out. UPS's are installed at 3 of the 4 sites so I've started to slowly eliminate that problem as well.  By the way, I went to your link and the image was down. I'd like to take a peek at the image quality once it comes back up.

or you can use an old handycam connected to a tv capture card in your desktop...that works well for me  :wink:
(see my web site for examples)


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