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5.1 on Mac and website
« on: May 29, 2010, 04:49:43 PM »
Hi All,

Is anybody out there using WeatherLink 5.1 for Mac and creating a website?

We are using:
WeatherLink 5.1
PowerBook 12 inch G4
OS X 4.11 - the end of life OS for the PowerBook

We are new to websites and are just starting to experiment around with creating a website for our weather station. I am starting off slowly and creating the website on the local hard drive of the computer in the Web Sites folder of my user account.

We have WeatherLink updating the website every 5 minutes. This part works perfectly.

The problem is every time WeatherLink updates the website the bulletin within WeatherLink freezes and we must close the bulletin page and create a new bulletin. Viewing the WeatherLink logs shows nothing unusual - just the updates every 5 minutes.

Is this a bug in the Mac version of WeatherLink or are we doing something wrong?

We happen to like the bulletin format of WeatherLink and after upgrading to 5.1 have found it to be fairly stable on our PowerBook G4 with OS X4.11. We are hoping to get a simple website that we can post for our little community.

Thanks for any help.