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Chris H.:

KSHV (Shreveport, LA) on March 25th, 1:36AM CDT

Shots can include localized weather, severe weather (anywhere), winter weather (anywhere) and random/junk shots (ground clutter that looks unusual.)


I'll have to wait till May or June for my shot.

Chris H.:
I live in NM and captured that line as it blew through Shreveport. Now western Tennessee is getting the brunt of the system..I'll have to post those this evening seeing as those storms are just now firing up.'s western Tenn. at KNQA-Memphis

The right image are the VIL data in the storms.

Chris H.:
KHTX-Huntsville, AL radar

Tornado warned cell

Chris H.:
KHTX- Huntsville, AL


Storm moving east pretty quickly

Another TVS, and a new warning for the same cell


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