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Does anyone know of a utility that can read the archive files created by NexStrorm - xxxxxxxxx.nex file??

Besides NexStorm that is.  :lol:


Have you tried discharge?

Go to the link below and scroll all the way to the bottom. Kind of a neat little program. Played around with it but never put it on my site...atleast not yet...

I have Discharge and have had it on my site for well over a year. It works great.

What I'm looking for is something that will read the .nex files and get more info out of them. Such as Lat / Long of strikes, etc...

Just in case anyone else might be interested, there is a utility included with NexStorm in the util directory called "nxutil" that can read the .nex files and do several things... one is out put the contents to a CSV file.


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