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Interesting project


The friend of mine that owns Volleyball Beach where I play sand volleyball in the summer happened to mention to me last night that he would like to add on line accessible cameras to his web site both of the courts and the bar area. He also is considering adding weather to his site. The weather station part is no big deal, I'm just trying to decide what would be the best route to go with the cameras. I'm thinking PTZ Network cameras that are POE compatible and can also tie into his alarm system. Then again there is always the standard still image web cam variety.
The scenery, shall we say, is rather nice in the summertime so I'd think a PTZ camera would be more fun. :lol:

Thoughts, suggestions?

This is the web site it is all going to be added to:

You bet! Gotta get some PTZ cams in there somewhere! :)

If it is all laid out good, a couple PTZ's and couple stationary cams would be able to cover it well. Really all depends on how much he wishes to spend on the project.


up10ad N9RJH:
Wow, that does sound like a fun project, especially if he has a budget.  

Although the Canon C50 doesn't have built-in POE capabilities, you can't get better PTZ, and you could use POE modules.  Visitors could really check out close-up views of that scenery you mentioned :P.  There are also several Axis models that support either built-in or splitter module POE.  Do you need enclosures or will the cams be under a cover, out of the weather?  I think that having at least one PTZ for event viewing would be nice, maybe a second stationary cam that covered the entire main court as well.

Wish I had your opportunity.  The only cam project I've run across was putting one at the top of Rio Blanco hill in the dead of winter so the County could see the weather conditions and know if they needed to send out the plows!   :roll:


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