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Hey Ocala.... You guys OK down there after last night?

Very interesting GR2 screen capture I got yesterday:

Whew! Yeah Emmett, we came through it ok. Couple trees down and a lot of limbs but other then a damaged fence we got lucky.
Man that's twice inside of a month I had tornado's less then 10 miles away.
Unfortunately as you've already seen there were a lot of people not so lucky.
I got up at 2:45AM to go to work and saw one hell of a storm. We were on the northern fringes of that cell that spawned the tornado but I wasn't about to venture out in that. Had a gust to 42 but it pretty much stayed between 30 and 40 mph the whole time. Don't see that too often.
 Once again we got lucky. Very lucky

Glad to hear it!!!! Just wanted to check in on ya....   :wink:

Mark / Ohio:

--- Quote from: "ocala" ---Whew! Yeah Emmett, we came through it ok. ...
--- End quote ---

Glad your OK.  I checked your webpage before I went to bed about 2:00am and seen you had a 30mph or so gust registered at that time.  Looked like you was just getting winds off the edge of it by the radar at that time.  At least that's what I was hoping.   :shock:


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