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Gravity Wave Weather Event

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Garth Bock:
I have never heard of a Gravity Wave event here on Earth.

Interesting - I will say that as someone in the news business - the headline is misleading. They (the meteorologists) don't know that is what it was.

That being said, we get gravity waves regularly on the eastern side of the mountains here in the Appalachians - definitely never have heard of anything like this happening, so that's very interesting!

Was logging pressure through that period. Will have to look back at the data and see if I can find when it happened. :-k

Gravity Wave cloud formations (a true but misleading and harder to understand term, even when  you have a real meteorologist to talk with about it) happen here all the time.  At the surface, even with a high quality digital output barometer I've never seen any fluctuations to measure, so I'm lead to believe that the variations in pressure are pretty tiny.

Nonetheless, as the article and Farmtalk point out, the flat out admitted that they didn't  know what caused this for sure.

Why not just call it a downdraft, or a straight line wind gust or whatever? 

I'm skeptical it has to have a mysterious cause and was just a wind gust. 


--- Quote from: Garth Bock on April 06, 2023, 05:38:05 PM ---I have never heard of a Gravity Wave event here on Earth.

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I get this
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I believe that Hunga Tonga event last year caused a gravity wave around Earth. It happened with other volcanic eruptions and some atmospheric atomic tests.


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