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How to change Map Location?


Hello, new to this forum and Weather Statins in general, Lol, did a Search but did not find anything recent (I could have missed it)... I have a Logia 5-in-1 Wi-Fi station... Have only had it up and running for a few days... but so far, i enjoy it.

I created a WU account etc... but when I look at my device, on the map it shows the temp and wind direction for I guess my Station... but it is located about a half mile from my house?  Is it true we cannot change the location/address of our stations "on the fly" so to speak?  As when i go into EDIT for the Device, it allows me to enter a "Home" location, but on the map, nothing changes?  It still looks like my unit is located a half mile away?

I reckon I'm a bit confused.... did I try to make the changes incorrectly?  Profile, My Devices, then EDIT, Then "Home & Favorites" then I use "Select Home Location" and add the address... then Click "Update Home Location"... get back to Map, and uh, pretty much, nothing has changed?

Thank you for any and all assistance, its appreciated.


it is possible that your changes may take while to show. I recommend you wait until morning and see if it has changed. I'm not really sure, but it is possible;)

I do not believe that it's possible to change the displayed location of your station using the edit tools. I managed to do it once but only by contacting Weather Underground support directly and requesting a change to the latitude and longitude of the station, and they did it at their end.

Changing your "home" address only affects the default weather you are presented with, I think.

Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it.

I went ahead and created new device, ensuring location on map.... then deleted the initial device.  Am all set now.  Would be a neat feature to be able to change location on the fly so to speak, Lol, as all my data for the few days it was up and running is gone and of course with "new" device... it is establishing itself again.  Or, maybe there was a different way etc and I just didn't see it (very likely, lol).

Anyways, thanks again folks.

                      Ron F.


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